What Capture Technologies Limited does...

Since developing CaptureCall™ we have continued to add other communication solutions like emergency call buttons with reporting, two-way messaging, forwarding of messages to email, telephone, pager or other third party solutions. Health & Safety Emergency Systems - used by many top companies & our latest dual way messaging is very price competitive but does not skimp on features, quality or support.


complete management system

CaptureCall™ is a messaging system that can send messages over a number of transports. Everything is logged and available to download for complete records.


Two-way Paging

lowest cost solution

Two-way paging solutions are often very expensive. But we have developed a low cost system that can communicate both ways at a very realistic price point.


Custom Call-Buttons

with reporting features

We have been selling all types of custom and emergency paging for many years. Our latest call button systems will help you to obtain smarter solutions only from us. 

Capture Technologies Limited Products

As a pioneer in communications solutions, we created CaptureCall™ to help with answers for the problems that are predominant in business today. There is no doubt that excellent communications drive profitability, but in some circumstances for example in health & safety dependable and resilient messaging can and does save lives.

High Power Emergency Call Buttons

Our emergency call buttons are used throughout the UK in both smaller and larger corporate and manufacturing companies. These have been proven to save lives as reported back to use directly from our customers. Emergency First Aid Call Buttons

CaptureCall™ Logging & Data Capture

Using a great messaging system is only part of the solution, that's why we developed CaptureCall that can integrate in many other systems as well as offering versatile and unique features that we know will work for you. Logging & data Capture


Quality Custom Call Buttons

Our custom push for service call buttons have had a massive update recently and we are able to offer many new designs - just a few are on the right. Our buttons are supplied to hundreds of companies throughout the UK for restaurants, meeting rooms, healthcare, hospitality, super yachts, private planes and other businesses. If you need a unique solution that meets with your decor for less than most others out there you have found the right company. Custom Unique Call Buttons

Custom Designs With Extended Range

These custom designs come in many colours, different sizes, different designs, short or long range, are battery operated (batteries last a log time) and our solution is completely compatible with CaptureCall™ for full reporting and key metric analysis.

We made managing your business easier.

Communications are critical in any business. Good service and management comes from staff communicating and the ability to use current data from key metrics that you need to depend on. Now you can... with Capture Technologies Limited key metrics collected from the very systems you use with CaptureCall.

Capture Technologies Limited Solutions

We have other specialised solutions used in many industries - take a look at some of these below and shake up your business!:

Sensing & Alerting Systems for Fruit Machine Under Age Users

This sensing system to stop gambling under age on fruit machines can operate from one to seven monitored sensors. Once triggered, the unit will message staff that there is a state change. In the application on the left, this alerting system is being used for monitoring fixed odds betting terminals and under age users or gamblers. Once someone stands on the mat then a message is sent to the staff for closer monitoring. Fruit Machine Alerting Sensing Solutions

Using CaptureCall™ for Reporting

Our sensing and alerting solution can be optionally monitored with CaptureCall where usage data is collected. By using CaptureCall specific data like usage of the fruit machines can be analysed. CaptureCall Reports

Hardware Transmitter for Alerts

This transmitter has 7 contacts that can be used to connect to open/closed connections. When a trigger signal is received the transmitter will send a message and alert to a pager. This is a very flexible design and has even been used on the 'Flying Scotsman' Steam Train, but can be used anywhere monitoring is needed. OEM Alerting

Other Messaging

Capture Technologies Limited also has other interface equipment that can for example receive a message from a paging system, but relay the message as email, telephone or sms message. As a flexible solution for many business sectors we can help with most problems of communication.