Learning More About Us

Capture Technologies Limited - A UK Company


While you might assume that we are a new company, in fact we have been involved in technology and bringing products to market since back in 1989. Originally Capture Technologies Limited was named 'Bridge Technologies' but while that name suggests one thing, in fact we were involved with computer manufacturing in Taipei Taiwan and later Singapore.

Of course time moves on and technology changes constantly. It has been a very exciting time throughout our journey with technology since that time and today we're still involved with some of the newer features and services that for example cloud communications offers. CaptureCall™ was developed to create the ability to communicate over multiple paths and to collect recorded information about important communications.

Our other developments include the fixed odds betting terminal alerting system for when under age gamblers are using the machine; New designer custom call buttons only available from us is another example of our unique foresight of business needs. And of course our CaptureCall system that with other equipment can be used for two-way messaging is pretty much unrivalled in our industry.

And as we move forward, we're still innovating with new technology products as well as offering some of the older equipment and services such as emergency call buttons but now including the ability to record information with CaptureCall™.