CaptureCall™ Multi-communication Solution

As business seeks to improve efficiency and measure performance, it is critical to ensure that the technology you are using can meet your demands. One form of communication, paging has long been recognised as a reliable wireless messaging method. However, most systems have historically been relatively simple and are most often stand-alone. CaptureCall™ integrates your pager system with the world beyond and introduces a whole new range of perfect operating flexibility with many integration options.

Whether you want to improve efficiency in a busy restaurant, minimise response times for fire alarms, emergency situations or access usage data for management reporting, CaptureCall™is the right platform for you.

CaptureCall™ is modular and comprises of a stand-alone, processing and interface appliance, loaded with one or more software modules. For integration with your paging system, a compatible paging receiver and/or transmitter device is also required (this may already be a part of your system). CaptureCall™ uses a flexible and expandable software design, allowing you to add additional features when required and only pay for the features you need today.

Supported devices include: monitors, touch screens, large displays, printers, barcode readers, RFID technology, keyboard and mouse, environmental enclosures, LAN networks, fire alarm panels, intruder alarms, panic buttons, emergency call buttons, tablet computers, IoT devices and more.

CaptureCall™ + First Aid Call Button  Multiple Display & Access Options


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Following activation of the First Aid Call button a page is immediately sent to handheld pagers and received by the TX -7470. CaptureCall™ receives the message (including location) from the TX-7470. CaptureCall then triggers sounders and strobes located throughout the premises (possibly selectively based on the triggering buttons location).

Mounted displays located throughout the premises are also updated to show the location of the trigger (the display background can be made to change colour and/or flash to attract attention) the display can also show time since activation. When a responder de-activates the trigger the system resets. Trigger location, activation time, response time and other data is logged inside CaptureCall™.

Selected users can access CaptureCall™ via LAN or WiFi devices (tablet, laptop etc.) to access metrics and report data. Devices are connected to the LAN to simplify integration and allow maximum installation flexibility. Note that images are representative, for diagramatic purposes only.

CaptureCall - Comms made easy!

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