Monitor & Stopping Under Age Fruit Machine Users

We have all seen the rise and rise of the 'one armed bandit' or fruit machine as they are often called, or the 'fixed odds betting terminals' as some types of equipment is now described. Anyone that operates these gambling machines  has to ensure that no one under 18 (in the UK)  can gamble on these machines; generally company policies aim for over 21's as players. There are some solutions to stop under age gambling, but those types of systems are very high cost and can't be easily used in pubs and bars because of how open the areas are. However, our new fruit machine under age gambling alerting and monitoring system can help.  While operators have these fruit machines on site they will be the first to confirm how hard it is to manage them in pubs and bars to stop under age gambling; the result could be very high fines for the company (or staff) or removal of the license for the whole site. At last there is now a simple and lower cost solution custom made for exactly this problem that really does work. - particularly for pubs and bars. Remember that 90% of under age gambling is not stopped in pubs and bars!












If you currently have no means of monitoring under age users of the fruit machines in your pub or bar then please do contact us to see the systems that are being rolled out throughout the UK currently. We're sure that you will be impressed and we can offer trials if you are serious about solving this sort of problem in your company.

Our solutions take in to account the following problems or issues:



  • Visit ChallengeCall™ website
  • Walk by customers
  • Short term stand on stand off customers
  • Customers that 'shuffle' in front of machines
  • Fast response to identify under age users
  • Multiple employee notification if needed
  • Reporting if required with CaptureCall


Please do contact us on +44 (0)843-506-6000 or fill out our contact form for more information.