OEM Transmitter for Monitoring and Alerting

Thinking about monitoring many types of equipment such as fire alarms, unattended machinery like CNC machines, anything that changes state (e.g. open/closed) will lead you to our OEM transmitter featured here. Being a very small unit and capable of operating on anything between 5 volts and 25 volts ensures that this transmitter can be used in a multiplicity of uses. One use was to fit this unit to hot drinks dispensing machines. When something like milk or one of the other items was running low the staff received a message telling them to attend to the machine.

This little board has even been used in 'fitting rooms' in retail with a 'button' on each connector (that's 7 buttons from one unit). When someone needs assistance then they simply call for staff at the press of a button. Another novel use was for the carriages on the Flying Scotsman steam trains carriages. The company needed a call button for each cabin and the OEM transmitter was perfect.

When we were developing a replacement for an older design that was discontinued because of the lack of availability of components we created this new 7 contact board; this unit operates from a wide range of DC power.. As a transmitter for paging systems and because of its tiny size this device is used in any situation where a message is sent to staff to advise the state change of any given contact with a custom message..












Being such a low cost device that can monitor up to seven connections it might be hard to locate similar technology that could work for your needs. Reassuringly, this OEM transmitter is fully CE approved with supporting dicumentation. If integrating in to other equipment our customers typically approve their own products. In the case of using this unit stand alone of course our CE approvals are completely acceptable.

The board is programmed from the USB mini located on the board and we can program for you completely free of charge if you prefer that. Warranty on the OEM TX is one year but rarely do we see any failures on this device.

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