Communicating Two Ways Using Messaging Features

Two-way messaging systems are used throughout industry for health and safety, in manufacturing with machinery, conference centre notifications, hospitals and other specific areas of business. Unfortunately the cost of most of these solutions can be prohibitive to all but the most wealthy companies or operations. But now we have developed a solution that allows for complete two way operation including reporting and that can include many other optional add-ons. These CaptureCall™ messaging systems are available immediately and are low cost options without compromising the results..











Historically, achieving reliable two-way alerts is very expensive and limited to a number of very large companies as suppliers. And often the size of a company dictates the final cost of any two-way messaging that they offer. But of recent times things are changing where you can now operate real two way on-site messages that are reliable and robust because they are based on tried and tested hardware. And with the advent of the internet and cloud services answers are at hand. Communications is the key to achieving the most efficiency within any company, but reliable two-way communications is priceless!

These solutions are capable of covering large sites by using other components within our systems such as LAN and HDMI over IP as two examples but we can include many other options so that we can configure solutions to your exact needs.  Do check the section about CaptureCall and what that has to offer also.

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